Dr Courtney Prue

Qualifications: DVM, CHPV, CAETA


Dr Courtney Prue is the founder and lead veterinarian at Rest Your Paws, one of Australia's first and largest in-home palliative care and euthanasia services for beloved pets. At the forefront of end-of-life services for pets across Australia, Rest Your Paws collaborates closely with veterinary clinics in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Dr Courtney leads a team of incredibly compassionate veterinarians, nurses and grief counsellors, dedicated to providing pet owners with invaluable emotional support and expert guidance throughout their beloved pets' end-of-life journey.

Rest Your Paws is also committed to elevating the standard of palliative care throughout Australia. Their team collaborates with universities nationwide to advance end-of-life training for future veterinarians, as well as providing in-clinic training for both general practitioners and referral hospitals.

As part of their dedication to education and desire to enhance industry standards, Rest Your Paws continually develops and shares resources to empower veterinary professionals in delivering a more compassionate and thoughtful euthanasia experience within their clinics.