“VetPrac is a leader in practical skills education to the veterinary community in Australasia. We bring innovative educational opportunities to the professional community, building confidence and competence. With our high quality training resources and access to ground-breaking technologies we are passionate about helping the veterinary profession grow and prosper.”



We believe that keeping up to date with the latest techniques and advances in veterinary science, as well as consistently honing your veterinary skills and knowledge, is the best practice for every vet, vet nurse and vet tech. When you attend our top-class veterinary training packages and workshops, we provide you with the tools to be an even better vet than you already are.

At VetPrac we are leaders in continuing education; with a professional approach, relentless innovation, high-quality resources, and use of modern technologies. Our practical veterinary education and training workshops are designed by vets, for vets, nurses & techs – so you can be certain that you will get professional insights in a language that you understand, no matter which one of our courses you choose to bridge the gap between learning and doing.

The VetPrac Difference

We lead the direction of education for vocational skills in vet science.

We provide a nurturing environment in which to practise surgical skills without compromising patient health.

We allow you to use high quality, innovative resources and modern technologies.

We build social and professional relationships between clinicians, specialists, universities, and industry providers.

We bridge the gap between learning and doing for vet practice.

Our flexibility means we can cater to your needs without compromise.

You can contact us at any time if you have any questions or wish to use our vet training resources.

We offer discounts and benefits for New Grads and VetPrac VIPs.

Our Vision

To provide quality training of current techniques and technologies that improve clinical outcomes.

To make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of animals in Australasia, through empowering veterinary professionals.

To improve accessibility of veterinary care, embracing the challenges of cost constraints or geographical isolation.

To provide a comfortable space for open discussion of veterinary topics.

To support and encourage community engagement.

To promote VetPrac VIPs

To support and encourage 1st year New Graduates (enter code: NewGrad when registering).

To book one of our vet training workshops or to find out more about our services, please feel free to give us a call on:
0409 743 100.

Our Training Method

2-3 day “hands-on” vet training workshops (practical dry, wet, or live – all ethics approved) with interactive lectures by experienced and highly qualified specialists.

Trial of new resources, equipment and technologies, as provided by our training partners.

Small, intimate groups with a high tutor to attendee ratio.

Courses and workshops designed by vets for vets with the realities of practice in mind.

Social media and a monthly newsletter to keep you informed and connected with the Australasian veterinary community.

Social dinners and adjacent activities such as massages (included in workshop price).

We offer online face to face workshop as well as inhouse training opportunities.


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