Dr Brenton Chambers

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Qualifications: BVSc(Hons), MVSc, FANZCVS Small Animal Surgery

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Brenton graduated (UQ) 1994, worked in mixture of small animal general practice, emergency practice and surgical referral practice for 13 years prior to undertaking residency training in small animal surgery in 2007-2010. After completion of residency training stayed on as Clinical Tutor and subsequently Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital. He successfully completed Fellowship examinations in Small Animal Surgery in 2013 and was awarded a Masters degree with focus on thoracoscopic assisted surgery in the dog.

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Poster Presentations
Carter JE, Beths T, Chambers B, et al. The Use of Audience Response Systems to Promote Student Engagement in Large Lecture Settings in Veterinary Science. MAVLT Symposium, Melbourne, Australia 2014.

Gritti H, Wallace A, Chambers B, McKee M. Unusual tibial metaphyseal fractures in skeletally immature dogs. Preparation for publication. (Abstract presented BVO 2011) Collaboration with University of Bristol and Willows Referrals UK

Master Thesis
Influence of retractor type and position on thoracoscopic-assisted pulmonary surgery in dogs. CLICK HERE to read.