Amber Kenney

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Qualifications: MPT, MTC, CKTP, CCRT

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Specialisation: Canine Rehabilitation

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Amber Kenney is a 1997 graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Centre master’s program in physical therapy. On the human side, she practices orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy with a passion for manual therapy techniques.

In 2014, Amber completed her certification in Canine Rehabilitation at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI). She founded Paws-itive Effects K9 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in 2015, a mobile canine rehabilitation service. Since 2014, Amber has been a CRI teaching assistant around the world, including in Australia and Germany. Amber teaches Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation, Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Canine Sports Medicine, Canine Rehabilitation Assistant, and Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.

In 2016 she sold her human practice, Physical Therapy Works, to work especially with canines. She lives with her husband and two rescue dogs, Dozer, the pit bull, and Harley, the Shar-Pei/Chihuahua mix.