Dear Colleagues,

Hello? Just kidding. Not cell as in phone. Cell as in… well… cell.

We’ve all seen that murky zone where macrophages, neutrophils and eosinophils prowl, and we know that darker cells lurk there, too.
Are you vigilant? Do you keep your eyes peeled for cells with huge nuclei, cells with foamy cytoplasm, and cells with coarse chromatin? Do you know to watch for spindle cells? Are you alert for cells with granules – they’re among the sneakiest of cells.

Come on a cell hunt with us! Grab a needle, some slides, a coverslip and your stain of choice.

Essentials of Cytology, live and online, Wednesday nights from 7:30pm QLD time.

Answer the phone. The cells are calling…

Essentials of Cytology

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Yours, peck-pecking at skin lumps,

Margie and the VetPrac Team.