Abdominal Ultrasound April

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April 27th - 28th 2024

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Brisbane Airport Conference Centre

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CPD value: NSW = 22
All other states = 14

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This weekend workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to abdominal ultrasound with step-by-step guidance and plenty of hands-on time to develop your scanning technique. Using high-quality machines (with exclusive options to purchase), you’ll work through each abdominal organ in a lecture-practical format. You’ll cover theory and imaging guides, then move immediately into a practical session so you can scan the target organ while it’s fresh in your mind. Bonus points for adrenals!

This course is suitable for mixed and small-animal veterinarians, at general practice or intern level.

For registered veterinarians only.



This workshop has been designed for registered veterinarians who are new to systematic abdominal ultrasound. We’ll cover everything you need to get started and some of the tricks you might have missed if you’re already using ultrasound in the clinic. In addition to hours of hands-on scanning practice, you’ll see how the experts hold and move the probe, and how they manipulate gain, focus, depth and other image optimisation tools to get the most out of ultrasound.

Whether you scored 5 minutes of training at uni or nothing at all (that’s most of us), this workshop will step you through abdominal ultrasound for everyday practice and show you how it should be a natural part of your diagnostic process. You’ll see how abdominal ultrasound is useful for both medical and surgical case workups, and we’ll provide you with comprehensive take-home notes to help keep on track when you’re back at work.

Participants in this workshop enjoy learning from a blend of experienced teaching staff which features practicing veterinary imaging and internal medicine specialists, complemented by a superb GP vet with additional imaging qualifications (and who really understand the challenges of life in veterinary practice).

No experience is necessary. Absolute beginners are welcome, and if you’re already scanning, you’ll be taking your imaging skills to the next level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace abdominal ultrasound as an important diagnostic tool at your fingertips. You’ll love meeting our kind and experienced teaching staff, and you’ll enjoy the relaxed and capable atmosphere of our workshops.


Get confident

Get equipped with the theory and skills you need to use abdominal ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in practice.

Social network

This is your tribe. Spend some quality time with people who understand what you do each day.

Great food

You’ll be nourished with healthy food, sweet treats & caffeine, so you can get on with learning new skills.

Hands on experience

It’s all about time on the tools. We prioritise your opportunities to ultrasound in real time, learning the skills with specialist guidance on tap.

Personalised feedback

Get feedback on your scanning technique & refine your approach throughout the workshop. Start with good habits, & improve with time.

Real-world training

Learn in the same way you work. We give you clinical context & full support so things make sense when you get back to the clinic.


Ultrasonography in clinical practice

  • Techniques for diagnostic quality images
  • Keeping the target area in focus
  • Differentiating between normal & abnormal echogenicities
  • Ultrasound-guided FNAs

Your practical skills take priority

A VetPrac workshop will always put practical skills first. Participants at our abdominal ultrasound workshop scan a variety of dogs under the guidance of specialists in veterinary imaging and internal medicine. We share the techniques to capture clear and diagnostic ultrasound images, then it’s over to you.

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  • High-quality ultrasound machines with option to purchase
  • Systematic approach to abdominal ultrasound
  • Stepwise tutorial-practical format
  • Specialists onsite for the whole course
Practical sessions which relate directly to clinical practice
  • Bladder & kidneys
  • Adrenal glands
  • Pancreas & lymph nodes
  • Liver and biliary tract
  • Small & large intestines
  • Spleen
  • Reproductive tract (where possible)
  • Ultrasound-guided FNA collection

Workshop Schedule

Abdominal Ultrasound Schedule April 2024 Final



$3,450 CPD investment & one weekend of hands-on training


Systematic abdominal ultrasound & ultrasound-guided FNA techniques


Enhance your clinical & diagnostic skills, new services for clients

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Your Educators

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Dr Annie

Dr Annie Rose

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Qualifications: BVSc(Hons) BVetBiol MVS MVSc GradCert(ClinEd) FANZCVS(Radiology)

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Specialisation: Veterinary Radiologist

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Annie has worked within the field of radiology for many years, both here in Australia and overseas, and has worked in teaching positions for over a decade. After completing her Masters degree and residency program at the University of Melbourne, Annie has now returned to Queensland to work in private referral practice as a Diagnostic Imaging specialist. Annie has developed a strong interest in clinical teaching and has been teaching abdominal ultrasound for over a 15 years to practitioners.

Dr Mark Owens

Dr Mark Owen

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Qualifications: BVSc DipECVDI FANZCVS (Radiology) MRCVS

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Specialisation: Registered Veterinary Imaging Specialist

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Mark is a registered veterinary imaging specialist in New Zealand and Europe, being a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI) and also a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS).

He teaches students in many veterinary schools in Australia including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Charles Sturt, Queensland and James Cook Universities. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Massey University and continues to provide some on-going support to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He also currently works for Idexx Laboratories as a Telemedicine Consultant.

He has been Chief Examiner for the Australian and New Zealand College, and past President of the Australasian Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (AAVDI).

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Dr Ann Thompson

Dr Ann Thompson

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Qualifications: BVSc MACVSc MS DIP ACVIM(SAIM)

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Specialisation: Small Animal Internal Medicine

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Ann loves teaching and in 2013 led the small animal medicine referral service at UQ, completed a teaching qualification and taught both veterinary technology and veterinary science students. Ann’s current areas of clinical interest are endocrinology, urinary tract disease, non-invasive diagnostic imaging, and continuing professional development through veterinary education.

Dr Sarah 1

Dr Sarah Stallard

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Qualifications: BVSc MACVSC Cert IVUSS

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Sarah graduated from the university of Bristol in the UK. She migrated to Australia in 2004, starting off in emergency and critical care and gaining her memberships in 2008. She moved to Cairns, establishing her ultrasound company Mobile Imaging Cairns in 2018. She completed her graduate certificate in abdominal ultrasound from the University of Melbourne and then her certification with the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society (IVUSS) in 2023. She now works at Manly Road 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital in Brisbane.


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Your Questions Answered

Are group discounts available?

Absolutely! Work together, learn together, we say. If 3 or more participants register from the same clinic under the same booking, you’ll receive a 5% discount at checkout when you book on our website.

Will I get CPD points and a CPD certificate?

Of course! Each participant will receive a CPD certificate via email. We do this after you’ve provided feedback and the workshop is complete.

What kind of learning materials are included?

Generally, you can choose printed course notes, a digital copy on USB, or both. Everyone gets a printed copy of the procedure guide.

What happens if I pay and then later can’t attend?
  • Transferring or changing registration from one workshop to another will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made up to 45 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course will incur an administrative fee of 50% of the Fee.
  •  Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course are not refundable.

Can I pay in instalments, or do you offer payment plans?

Yes! At VetPrac we are pleased to offer payment plans for our online courses and workshops. We want to make it manageable for you to invest in your professional development.

For more information regarding our payment plans, please do not hesitate to contact Ros at [email protected].

What happens if the workshop is cancelled?

If VetPrac cancels any workshops, we will refund your course fees in full. However, VetPrac will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred by you.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call 0491943260

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call +61 491 943 260