Samantha Kempster

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Qualifications: Cert IV Vet Nurse, Cert Iv TAA, Dip An Tech

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Specialisation: Behaviour and education

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Samantha has worked in the animal care industry since 1993, initially at the Central Animal Breeding House, University of Queensland, and then at the Griffith University Animal Facility. During this time as an animal attendant, Sam started working casually as a veterinary nurse at a one-vet clinic at Pine Mountain, before taking on that role full time in 1998. Samantha’s career then entered the education space, when she commenced a tutoring role in 1999 in the Animal Science Department at Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (now TAFE QLD). 11 years later in 2010 Samantha moved to the University of Queensland, where she was a senior veterinary technician in the Clinical Studies Centre within the School of Veterinary Science. She now manages the Clinical Studies Centre; her roles include managing professional & academic staff and students to ensure the smooth running of practical classes. Samantha enjoys applying her knowledge and ability in clinical aspects of veterinary practice to running a teaching and research facility along with the centre’s adoption programme.

During the time Samantha worked at TAFE Queensland she developed a passion for animal behaviour courtesy of Dr Gaille Perry, a veterinary behaviouralist who was managing the Animal Studies Department there. Gaille encouraged Samantha’s love and learning of behaviour and training, but that definitely didn’t extend to a love of snake training or behaviour!

Samantha has a great ability to listen, learn and encourage others, and aims to be a good role model for colleagues in the workforce. With these qualities, Vetprac is excited to have her as part of the VetPrac education team for the inaugural Team Wound Management workshop.