Dr Tania Banks

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Qualifications: BVSc, FACVSc (Small Animal Surgery), GC(HEd), Phd

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Specialisation: Soft Tissue Surgery

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Tania graduated from The University of Queensland in 1997, and then spend 18 months in small animal practice in Brisbane. An internship was then followed by a small animal surgery residency at The University of Queensland and at Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) Underwood. Tania was awarded a Fellowship in small animal surgery (by examination) in 2005, and has practiced as a specialist surgeon at various referral centers in England and Brisbane, and recently completed a PhD in tissue engineering. Tania currently works as a small animal surgeon at Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS). Tania performs all aspects of small animal surgery with a particular emphasis on soft tissue and oncology surgery.

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Journal articles:
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