Dr Jackie Campbell

Qualifications: BVSc Hons, IAAHPC Certified Palliative Care, Dip CMT


Jackie Campbell is a veterinarian practicing on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. After graduating in 2006, she spent the first part of her career in mixed and small animal practice before an interest in the management of chronic pain led her head first into the field of palliative care.

Now, as the Director of Sunset Vets, one of the nation’s largest networks of Veterinarians focused exclusively on palliative and end of life support services, Jackie spends much of her time helping families to navigate medical decision making with their pets at end of life.

Recognised as a leading voice in her field, Jackie is a speaker, in-clinic trainer and a cofounder of the Australian Veterinary Palliative Care Advisory Council, an initiative harnessing cross discipline expertise to develop and support best end of life care practices within veterinary medicine.

In 2016, she became Australia’s first veterinarian to obtain Certification in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and continues to support the work of IAAHPC through her representative role. She holds a Diploma in Canine Myofunctional Therapy and is also the voice behind the nationally recognised Sunset Grief Counselling program, helping to deliver free professional support to families needing assistance through their grief. This program is available for all veterinary teams across Australia to access for their clients.