Dr Brian Shen

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Qualifications: BVSc (Hons)

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Originally from Hong Kong, Brian graduated from the University of Queensland in 2019 and first developed interest in the Dermatology field during the final years of vet school during rotation with Dermatology for Animals. After graduation, he spent some time in general practice, then started an 18-month dermatology internship with Dermatology for Animals. He immediately commenced a residency program. He is currently a second-year resident in a three year program.

Brian enjoys all aspects of dermatology, from working up allergy cases to performing complicated video-otoscopy and ear flushes. He enjoys the client education aspect and the complex nature of dermatology. He likes talking to other vets about clinical or technical questions and helping them form a practical diagnostic approach. His goal in veterinary education is to help GP vets feel more comfortable with managing dermatology cases.