Cindy Grew

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Qualifications: Cert IV Vet Nurse, Cert IV TAE

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Prior to working with B. Braun, Cindy had been a Veterinary Nurse for 7 years with 3 of those years as the practice manager for 3 hospitals, one of which was a 24-hour emergency clinic. One of her passions is caring for our Australian native wildlife; it was this passion that drove her to become a wildlife carer with WIRES and head up the wildlife treatment division within the clinic. Cindy still nurses on occasions as she feels this is important to keep her skills relevant.

Part of Cindy's role at B. Braun is to train and educate vets, techs and nurses. This part of her job is an incredible experience which she enjoys very much. Cindy credits the many discussions she has with veterinary professionals in the course of these training sessions with the improvement in her skills as a trainer, and believes that further education makes staff at vet clinics more adaptable and more accepting of change.