Veterinary professional development: Good for your career and good for the animals

Professional development is a critical aspect for just about any career; after all, there is always something new to learn. In the field of veterinary science, new research and continued technological advancement means that those working within the profession need to ensure they are aligned with ever-evolving best practices.

The Australian Veterinary Association advocates for continuing professional development (CPD) of those within the industry and defines it as “any educational activity relevant to the scope of the veterinary profession, which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving or technical skills.”

Why is veterinary professional development so important?

CPD is important for veterinarians, nurses and tech staff in terms of career progression – but more importantly, it’s also critical in terms of animal welfare. Working in the field of veterinary science brings with it a responsibility to consider the needs of the animal and put its welfare first; being up to date with best-practice care helps to ensure just that.

In addition, CPD is often essential in terms of maintaining your registration. To practise as a veterinarian in Australia, you need a veterinary degree that meets the criteria of your state or territory registration board – and most state registration boards require minimum levels of CPD activity in order to retain registration each year.

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Ensure CPD with VetPrac

While rapid advancement in veterinary science is great news for the health of our animals, it presents arguably one of the biggest challenges for veterinarians, nurses and tech staff. Keeping on top of changing standards, emerging trends and new drugs, therapies and treatments in the field is time consuming – especially for those who are busy with their day to day veterinary work.

If you work within the field of veterinary science and are looking to keep up to date with the latest techniques and advances in the industry – as well as hone your veterinary skills and knowledge – then look no further than VetPrac. A leader in practical skills education for the veterinary community in Australasia, VetPrac offers a range of innovative educational opportunities that build confidence and competence. Run as intensive short courses and workshops, they have been created by vets to suit the busy lives of those within the industry.

Offering high quality training resources and access to ground-breaking technologies, VetPrac is passionate about helping the veterinary profession grow and prosper. Our CPD opportunities range from online face-to-face courses through to hands-on in-house workshops with practical components – and with small groups you can rest assured you will receive very thorough tuition from our highly qualified specialists.

VetPrac courses and workshops span a wide range of topics, from specialised canine surgery to anaesthesia and analgesia, ophthalmology, equine veterinary procedures, practical skills boot camps and much more. Whether you’re fresh out of university and want to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running when you enter the industry, returning to the field and keen to revive your skills, or a long-running professional looking to make sure you are always working in line with best practice, there is a VetPrac learning opportunity for you.

For more information regarding upcoming workshops, visit, email [email protected] or call +61 409 743 100.