Tip 1: The veterinary world is driven by relationships. And relationships are driven by emotions. Veterinarians who understand the emotional aspects of practice are superior performers. They have great bed-side manners and are more likely to be able to sustain their passions into the long term. Being able to track and label our emotions and to recognise the triggers for particular emotions is an important first step to achieving success in building self-awareness and enhancing our ability to manage the emotions we experience. And greater emotional regulation improves our focus and our social skills, increasing our tolerance for stress and reducing anxiety and depression. Such a little thing as tracking your mood – yield big results.

Tip 2: Engagement is being committed and invested in the activity that we are involved in. Who would not want to be highly engaged at work? We want to love it, to be motivated to do it and to do it well. When it comes to engagement, there are simple things that we can do to grow our personal and job resources and bolster our engagement with work. Spoiler alert – we also need to be able to disengage and go home to our friends, family and hobbies and engage in these. Ways to do this can be learned.

Tip 3: When we struggle to get on with other people, it is often because we believe in and care about different things. We may label it a personality clash, but really what it is, is a values clash. I might believe in equality and you might believe in power, or I might believe in tradition and responsibility whilst independence and adventure are important to you. Our values create a set of internal rules which guide our behaviour and actions. Living in alignment with our values feels peaceful and authentic. On the flip side, seeing those internal rules and then feeling that you need to act in a different way creates conflict and disharmony. Considering and articulating our values assists us to find meaning in our lives.

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