I find it really hard…In fact, it wasn’t until day 10 of my 14 day holiday that I felt like my internal clock was finally slowing down. Why? Well – like you, I own my own business. Like you, I have responsibilities and social commitments that I enjoy and feel obligated towards. And like you, I just really engage myself everyday and sometimes forget to stop and reflect.

Why am I sharing this?
I just got back from an actual holiday (not a work related or family event type thing…) and I’m feeling connected and relaxed and excited about the future and I thought you might like to feel the same way. Disengaging in an era of connection is really hard. It’s taken me years to understand that the repair phase, like the growth phase and the rest phase of any living cycle, including our own is important.

I would also like to announce that from July, VetPrac will be offering an elite coaching service to help bridge the gap between learning about well being and actively practicing it. It’s a small class, led by a very motivating woman – stay tuned for more details.

Warmest wishes,