Everyone finds inspiration in different forms. Some will be inspired after attending a VetPrac workshop, while others will find it in a painting, or reading an article. For Dr. Kuntz it came to him from his father, a human cardiovascular surgeon, who would often discuss his latest cases. Although Charles’ father ignited an interest, it wasn’t until Charles took his dog to the local Vet School for treatment that he began his journey and asked to volunteer… and from that day forward history was in the making.

Following a series of academic achievements, including graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990, in 2004 Charles founded Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals. There you’ll find a team comprised of specialists, diplomats, registrars, residents and interns all working together to provide gold standard care. While much of Dr. Kuntz’s work there has been focused on surgical oncology. He explains, “I find surgical oncology really challenging. No two cases are the same. It gives you insight to anatomy that you don’t get with conventional surgeries. Also, in contrast to some other surgeries, the quality of the surgery really affects the outcome, with life and limbs consequences.”

Dr. Kuntz notes one of his favourite surgeries to perform is brain surgery. He says “it pushes me technically, and I get to play with expensive toys.” Next on the list he says is spinal surgery, followed closely by anything in the thorax, then adrenalectomy “preferable invading the vena cava”.

With extensive history and experience within the industry, Dr. Kuntz will be leading the team at the “Fix the Face” workshop this November. There he will share with us his charm, expertise and surgical techniques. Charles says the best advice he has received is “always find three things you could have done better in each surgery” and VetPrac couldn’t agree more. We hope that by attending these workshops, you to will gain some insight and get those pointers to succeed in surgery. Dr. Kuntz says “I do a lot of brachycephalic airway surgeries. Those would be the most common. That is a situation wherein the perioperative care has as much impact on the outcome as the actual surgery. We feel that we have maximised the outcomes with these cases with perioperative care.”

Come meet Dr. Charles Kuntz and learn from the legend himself at VePrac’s Fix the Face Workshop. Click HERE for more information.

Written by Alena Felkai.

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Charles Kuntz
Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals
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Moorabbin, VIC 3189
03 9553 1775
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