I just got off the phone with my best friend, who told me she really wants to come to one of our workshops but she can’t afford it. 

She’s a locum and like most locums she makes $400-$700 (before tax) per day depending on her skill set. Of course she needs to cover herself with insurance and pay her own super and gets no holiday or sick leave, but she’s been a vet for over a decade and she’s really good at what she does. 

Yet like most of us, she’s still nervous after closing an exploratory laparotomy, and she still spends 30-45min extracting a molar tooth… She knows she can be better, which is why she wants to come to theVetPrac Practical Skills Bootcamp

But she told me she cant afford it. 

So I asked “Can you really, not afford it”
“I can”, she replied… “it’s just a lot of money…”

And she’s right. It is a lot of money. And here’s why…

We always tell our clients the good stuff costs the most because it works the best. 

We always hear the saying “You’ve got to spend money to make money” because it’s true. 

At a VetPrac workshop you will leave being able to DO more for your clients, which means you’ll be able to CHARGE more for your services and in turn be able to EARN more for yourself, FASTER. 

So, assuming you’re an average 3-5yr out locum earning $400/day for a 10hr shift with reasonable skills you would expect to be able to increase this because you can tell your prospective veterinary contract that you have skills in these areas with confidence. 

If you can do 3 dentals in a day instead of 2, you will earn 30% more revenue for the hospital. 

If you can manage a CPR case without losing a patient or the morale of the vet team you work with you are priceless

If you can close an exlap and gastropexy without reasonable fear of dehiscence then you can sleep at night and not worry that you are not on call to deal with the consequences, because its less likely there will be any.

So, if you spend $2500 a year on your self development and the payout increased your earning potential from $60,000 to $80,000+ wouldn’t you want to do that? And it’s tax deductible and fun… wouldn’t you take the opportunity while it exists?

We don’t know how long these practical workshops will be available to us. The nature of learning and science is changing. And still, everyone agrees, nothing compares to handling real tissue with real instruments, under the guidance of experts. 

So then I asked her again, can you really NOT afford to come to this workshop?

Of course she booked. She’s a smart woman. I bet you are too…

VetPrac Practical Skills Bootcamp
February 5-7th, 2015

For any vet that needs to kickstart their skills. New Grads, Locums, Return to Work Mums or Dads and Tired Bosses. We have fun while learning. We Promise.