BVSc MS DipACVR Assoc Member of ANZCVS

Diagnostic Imaging Veterinarian


Why Vets Love Her:

With four years training through the American College of Veterinary Radiology, three years in imaging practice at Veterinary Imaging Associates, Dr Davies is quickly becoming known as one of Australia’s finest and most vital professionals to turn to for advice.


Sarah also lectured numerous times at the University of Adelaide, with Dr Natalie Webster and impressed her veterinary knowledge upon many with dozens of oral presentations, as a part of a few research projects, and with numerous publications. Dr Davies is the recipient of several awards including the Veterinary Imaging Associaes Prize for proficiency in veterinary radiology, and 1st place award for Masters Student Poster Session.

Sarah receives imaging data from across Australia and reports with attention to the clinical picture. This helps practitioners understand their case better so they can make better clinical choices for treatment.


On Rare Days Off:

Yoga, dog walking, and reading are just a few of Dr Davies’ favourite pass times. On a day off, you can find her catching up with family and friends – – staying away from computers and her mobile phone!


Words from our Specialist:

“My favourite part of the abdomen is probably the duodenum and its neighbours (bile duct, duodenal papilla and right limb of the pancreas).  The ilio-caecal junction in cats is my other favourite spot.”


“Although sonography is a practical skill, you will at some point, if you want to do this well you have to pick up and read a textbook and peruse the odd journal article.  Some skills in sonography come down to persistence, patience and practice.  Set yourself up for success, don’t rush your ultrasound examination, make a wide clip, use sedation (if safe) and be systematic in your approach to organ examination.  I also really like to do a ‘recheck’ exam in a few hours or the next day if I am not happy that I got a good look at an organ the first time around because of gastrointestinal gas.”



“Meet Dr Sarah Davies,” by Stephanie Buelna at VetPrac ®

Many thanks to Dr Sarah Davies for this exclusive interview. We cannot wait to welcome her to the Abdominal Ultrasound Workshop, May 16th – May 17th