Dr Peter Delisser is a formidable specialist in Small Animal Surgery. From his undergraduate degree at the University of Queensland to his surgical residency at the University of Bristol, Dr Delisser has completed his PhD studying the effects of mechanical loading on bone tissue and its relevance to osteoporosis in people.

In his ‘spare time’ he’s published an impressive collection of scientific papers and presented at conferences on various topics from urinary incontinence in bitches to fracture repair techniques, and bone mechanobiology to name a few.

Pete returns to the VetPrac education team in 2020 for the Laparoscopy Workshop at Gatton on February 7-9 2020. He last joined us at our Perineal & Urogenital Surgery Workshop in 2018 so we’re thrilled to be in his fine company again.

We took some time out with Pete to get to know him a little better:

What do you like to do for fun? 
Skiing, beach holidays, camping, or golf. I spend my time off with my children mostly which is far less adventurous than it used to be.


What is it about Laparoscopy you find interesting and believe general practitioners would benefit from learning from and performing better?
Laparoscopy is fun, challenging and beneficial for the patient from a comfort and recovery point of view.


Can you share any horror or hero stories from procedures we’ll be addressing in the workshop that may inspire others to assess and grow their skills?
My supervisor lacerated a spleen and required a conversion and splenectomy when doing a laparoscopic spay.

This week I had to convert a lap-assisted cystoscopy for the first time. The bladder didn’t inflate very well so I couldn’t visualize the stones and suction made it harder rather than easier.

The best advice I can share with general practitioners is to “Practice, practice, practice…”


What have you learned from experience that you didn’t learn from a textbook?
Tilt the dog more than you think you can. It makes it easier!!

Suture the camera portal closed around the port if you are getting air leakage or the port keeps slipping out when changing instruments.


What procedure/technology/medication have you used and realized there was a better alternative?
Open cryptorchid – laparoscopic removal is so much nicer!


What have you tried that may be a surprising tip to other vets?
A metal reusable straw works for bladder stone suctioning and allows bigger stones to be vacuumed up.


Do you have any advice for new graduates?
Keep learning!!!

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If you want to learn more about Laparoscopy this is the workshop you don’t want to miss! Dr Brenton Chambers, Dr Peter Delisser & Dr Kathryn Duncan are combining their expertise and we’re keen to share it with you. This workshop is proving to be very popular so don’t delay! Register HERE for the Laparoscopy: Principles and Practice Workshop at Gatton on February 7-9, 2020.


Dr Peter Delisser can be contacted at
Veterinary Specialist Services (Underwood)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (07) 3841 7011


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