I want to share an out of the blue act of kindness with you from our wonderful training partner, Karl Storz.

Karl Storz and VetPrac joined forces in February 2020 to host a very successful workshop, Laparoscopy: Principles & Practice. Through a series of unfortunate events, timely ordering of the correct size & type of gas cylinders was not actioned. Without these cylinders, insufflation of the abdomen for laparoscopy is not possible, and therefore our workshop would not have gone ahead.

I solved the problem in an intense few hours the day before the participants were due to use the carbon dioxide for insufflation. Because of the late notice and urgent requirement for supply and delivery, the supply company applied a surcharge which of course I agreed to.

By the time we had wrapped up and debriefed on this workshop, and completed all our tasks for “Laparoscopy” the pandemic had hit, and we were busy organising, designing and coping with the present and future. Therefore, it was mid-April 2020 when I emailed Jayne Thompson, Karl Storz South Pacific Regional Manager, to discuss our plight, and ask for a contribution towards the gas cylinder bill. I had hoped for a contribution that would cover the modest “urgent fee” that had been applied to our bill.

Instead Jayne and Karl Storz offered so much more. Jayne replied with a thoughtful email, which showed that she understood VetPrac’s plight in the face of the pandemic; they appreciated that our core business for now, has stopped. Her email described VetPrac perfectly, and her empathy was tangible. On behalf of Karl Storz Jayne offered to, and has now paid, for the entire cost of the carbon dioxide cylinders that were supplied for the Laparoscopy: Principles & Practice workshop.


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This act of kindness and support was as uplifting as it was unexpected. VetPrac’s responsibility was to supply the carbon dioxide cylinders, as they are “consumables” and this is our agreement with Karl Storz. In writing to Jayne and Karl Storz, I was hoping for a contribution because the communication between our companies had not been pristine, not expecting or asking for the bill to be paid in full. Jayne’s empathy, and appreciation of VetPrac’s postponement of core business for the moment, and her understanding of what that must feel like for our team, was incredible.

These times can be stressful for many who’re facing difficult circumstances. I encourage everyone to participate in a random act of kindness even if it’s only a small gesture to show appreciation for someone doing it tough or even someone who looks like they have it all together. Help us spread gratitude and kindness.


Thank you Jayne Thompson. Thank you Karl Storz. The VetPrac Team feels very appreciated and supported. You are amazing.


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