Seriously – My fiancee told me on Friday that I’m to pack for hot and cold weather and that I’m going on a plane. I don’t need a passport and the baby is not coming. My mother in-law is looking after her for 3 nights and 4 days.

VetPrac will be cared for by my trustworthy assistants and I’m to close down my computer and turn my mobile phone off – I’m terrified!

I haven’t had a holiday for almost 2yrs and can’t remember what it feels like. I’m scared of that state of not knowing whats going to happen. I’m scared of having no one depending on me. I’m scared of losing my purpose – for just 4 days.

Isn’t that weird?! Isn’t it awesome?!

After a year of including well-being workshops into the VetPrac catalogue of practical skills training for veterinary professionals, I am being fed a dose of my own medicine. Gosh it’s hard to swallow! You really do have to practice life skills!

When you love what you do (despite the difficulties of it), “the doing” becomes addictive. With each success we want more. The high we get from that feeling of achievement is ecstatic. And knowing that the effect of it is truly making a positive difference to the world of animal health and welfare and to the lives and successes of people who care for so many animals every day is an inspiring driver to my motivation and the motivation of my team.

But what I’ve learned is that we all need to recharge. My basic human physiology is not unique. Neither is yours. We all need to eat. We all need to sleep. We are not magical beings who can recharge by plugging into a battery at 2.4v instead of 1v thereby requiring less time to heal than our counterparts. In this basic need for rest and recover – we are all the same. And because I love what I do more than I love resting – I’m being kidnapped.
My assistant Jessica will be looking after most things this week and I am contactable by text on my mobile for urgent matters. I am full of nervous excitement!

With the Holiday season almost upon us, I invite you to take a moment while you read this. If you need to be kidnapped for a while, from the things you love to focus on yourself and other things you love – let someone know. You might have too much on right now to stop, but have a think about when you could stop and start telling people. By setting an intention and verbalizing it to others it will happen. The universe will conspire to assist you.

Set yourself up to win, by preparing yourself for a little rest and recovery. Because you’re worth it. Because you deserve it. And because you will be a better person if you do it.

Warm Regards,
Ilana Mendels