It’s been a while since I’ve written and I’d like to share. You see, I’ve been asleep for a little while, dreaming. And my dreams are coming true so it’s time to wake up and tell you about it.

I am privileged to be working with the best team I can imagine. Janine, Solange and Ros are superstars in their areas of expertise. The educators we have leading our workshops are the best in the world. Each one experienced, energetic, wise and generous to the hilt. The universities and facilities and training partners we work with are the best in the region with the newest demonstration equipment, best layouts and most capable technical support staff on hand to meet our very demanding needs.


I started VetPrac with a few goals in mind:

1. To give Australian vets the best quality post-graduate vocational education in the world
2. To meet and work with amazing people who inspire and achieve beyond expectation.
3. To inspire Australian vets to do better for ourselves and our patients so we can feel better about ourselves and happier in general
4. To run an effective business
5. To connect people and reduce the feeling of isolation in our community

VetPrac has achieved this and much more. Testimonials of kind compliments fill our feedback forms. Other organizations have tried to copy our programs. Many of our workshops fill even before they are open for registration, because the expressions of interest are so strong and people want the best for themselves and their patients, and we can provide it. We have opened doors to possibilities which when I started, people told me weren’t possible. They told me I was dreaming. And they were right. General Practice vets could be better equipped to meet the needs of their patients and clients and now we are.

A good friend, who recently overcame great challenges, told me many moons ago “If you really want something, the universe will conspire to assist you”. It’s taken me over 15yrs to understand that, but I do now.

Things rarely happen in the order or the way we want them to. But they do happen. Don’t give up on your dreams and thank people who tell you that you are dreaming… Because dreams come true when you wake up and find ways to realise them.


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Warmest Wishes,




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