Dear Colleagues,

There is a very close link between well-being and success. But what is it? How do we get it and how can we maintain it? If you’ve ever wavered in your love for your work or wondered about your purpose, then read on!

Join us for a six week online workshop where you will find resources to develop good habits that will enrich your life and your work. In this content-heavy world, getting knowledge is easy, it’s hard to apply that knowledge to the way you lead your life.

Dr Cathy Warburton teamed up with VetPrac to bridge the gap, between learning and doing.

This course uses a flipped classroom model where the content is provided in advance of the weekly online meetings.

Cathy will utilize her training in coaching to guide course participants through literature and supporting activities. There will be ample opportunity for individual and group reflection and discussion with the aim of illuminating the steps that participants can take to move towards their version of success.

Watch the video below to learn more or click here to register.

“I can recommend Cathy to the whole profession. There is a great advantage in having a practice with a positive mindset. If you are an employer there is a $2.30 return for every $1 spent on mental health in Australian businesses ( rf. Beyond Blue). It is a $15 dollar return in mining and I suspect it is a lot more than $2.30 in veterinary practice. Give it a go, it will probably change your life!” Dr Brian Mc Erlean

Enjoy your week

Dr Ilana Mendels