It’s times like this that I reminisce fondly of the days where the warmest place can be at the back of a cattle stall assisting with a calving…

People often ask us why our workshops are far away, in strange lands like Wagga or Gatton or Melbourne… I get it, I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney (before I continue – please lower your eyebrows) and I often find myself saying “where?!” when people describe foreign places like “Chatswood” – which to me feels like a French forest filled with burmans.

So here’s my answer:

Getting away helps you concentrate in a relaxed way.

It may sound strange to many of us, but we actually learn and operate better when we are not under stress. So removing oneself from an environment filled with traffic, pollution and nearby distractions – such as family and work commitments allows the pathway to learning be more effective.

Also, the best places are often hidden.

Plus we ONLY chose the BEST facilities so that we can meet the needs of our workshops.

VetPrac participants travel from all over the world to attend our workshops, because the take home skills provide a return on investment far in excess of these costs. And once you show up, we take care of you.

Is it possible we could even help you get to us?


At VetPrac we want you to have the opportunity to grow and be awesome. So if you want to share travel arrangements, please tell us and we will do our best to help.

For Example: The Equine Lameness Workshop in August is in Wagga Wagga.

If you would like to attend but can’t make a flight to Wagga via Melbourne or Sydney, because it’s either too costly, or too tedious – then we came up with an alternative. Fly into Canberra and we’ll drive you the rest of the way.

We want to give you skills that build your confidence and competence. We want you to master your professional goals with support. We want you to make patients healthier and your bank account fatter.

Book a workshop now, so you can have more fun at work tomorrow. It is possible!

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Warm wishes