The first time I was a rabbit vet was after 4 years in practice. 
I’d been in mixed practice for 2 years, done an internship in surgery and felt pretty confident about everything… And then I went to England and got the wind knocked out of me. 
During my 1st week I was left alone and had 3 rabbits to desex and 2 rabbit dentals! 
The nurses told me the regular vet usually just takes nail clippers and cuts the teeth short that way… 
I read about desexing in the “pink book” and used VIN to choose my anaesthetic agents.
How’d it go?
Not bad… But not great. One of the teeth I “clipped” fractured and I’m sorry to say, I just left it that way because according to head nurse and vet – that’s what you do…
And then while I did my desex the mesometrium just melted off my fingers as I looked for the ovary and the doe started bleeding… 
Luckily, I managed. Still, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. 
Since then, I feel lucky enough to have higher confidence in Rabbit Veterinary care. My medicine is better and I need to keep practicing my skills when I can. 
If I had a workshop like the Rabbit Surgery and Dentistry workshop around 8yrs ago, things would be different. The good news is, there’s always time to learn. And there’s always an opportunity to bridge that gap.
This year I’m attending a workshop to master intubation and very soft tissue handling skills as well to pick up some teeth extraction techniques… Those tiny mandibles are SO delicate! 
If you’ve ever felt like me, and want that feeling to change, then I hope you can join us
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Rabbits make great pets!
Let’s help them be healthier "</p