Dear VetPrac Community,

In light of the daily changes in government policies on COVID-19 I want to reach out to our amazing VetPrac Community and update you regarding our policy for workshops and refunds.

Here at VetPrac we have decided to work in a positive space and plan for the global situation to stabilise soon. As such we are planning to continue with our excellent educational workshops in 2021.

On the flip side we do have to be realistic as we plan for the rest of the year, and we have decided, for the short term, to alter the current Terms and Conditions. Please know that “fees are refundable for cancellations provided the cancellation is made in writing to VetPrac at least 30 days (previously 45 days) prior to the commencement date of the Training Course”.

If a workshop is not able to proceed due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be in touch with you immediately and the outcome will be one of the following:

1.The workshop will be postponed, and we can do one of the following:

a) Hold your funds for when the workshop is rescheduled

b) Refund your money minus credit card processing fee if the new date does not suit.

2.The workshop will be cancelled, and you will receive a refund minus the credit card processing fee.

Our philosophy is to help people learn and to run our workshops, so cancelling will indeed be the last option.

As things are changing on a daily basis, I am observing the reactions of panic and fear in our society and around the globe and feel this is exacerbating the situation. So, this is a heartfelt request to urge you to stay calm and not make any decisions until we know more.

If people cancel and the situation resolves, we may not be able to run our workshops due to low numbers. Please trust that I will honour my commitment to be in communication with you as changes occur, and to provide refunds where COVID-19 restrictions prevent a workshop from taking place.

Overall, I want to reassure all of our amazing VetPrac Community that we are here for you. We are looking towards a positive future and to the time when we’ll look back on the COVID-19 pandemic as a thing of the past, with a low risk for infection in our communities, with treatments available and a vaccine to protect us.

Please contact me via email, phone 0409 743 100, or text if you have any more questions.

Please stay safe and healthy
With warm wishes, always