Dr Kirsten Kirkby-Shaw explains the role of canine rehabilitation therapists and how their examination techniques differ to veterinary practitioners. Check out video featuring Dr Kirkby-Shaw and Dr Ilana Mendels.

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Join Dr Kirsten Kirkby-Shaw and the wonderful team from Canine Rehabilitation Institute for Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation.

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of canine anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Build relevant structures on canine skeletons using clay, and get hands-on experience palpating live dogs. Common orthopaedic and neurological disorders of the canine patient are covered including both conservative and surgical treatment options. Canine rehabilitation modalities including traditional physical therapy and integrative therapies are introduced, as well as ways they can be incorporated into a veterinary practice.

This workshop is open to veterinarians, physiotherapists, vet nurses and technicians. Vet nurses/technicians must submit an employer letter indicating they work with a veterinarian or physical therapist certified in canine rehabilitation or registered for this workshop.

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