With the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s easy to be confused about the dos, don’ts, and best practices to avoid this respiratory illness due to the overabundance of reports and social media innuendo.

B. Braun is to the rescue! A recent statement released by Andreas Arndt (Head of Research & Development, B. Braun) and Michel Mathys (International Product Manager, B. Braun) advises the hand disinfectants Softa-Man® and Softa-Man® ViscoRub are active against enveloped viruses including those from the Coronaviridae family such as COVID-19.


What is Softa-Man®?
Softa-Man® is a hand disinfectant suitable for frequent and long term use. The unique two alcohol solution is so effective, it’s also an approved surgical hand disinfectant. The product is available in liquid or gel form with sizes ranging from 100ml (ideal for carry in medical pouches) through to 1000ml that can be wall mounted in reception or surgical prep areas.


Is Softa-Man® gentle for frequent use?
Softa-Man® is suitable for frequent and long term use. The liquid and gel products are free of colourants, contain hypoallergenic perfumes, and they contain emollients dessigned to protect the skin while making the epidermal layers of the skin softer and more pliable.


Where can I purchase Softa-Man®?
Contact B. Braun with your enquiry. The Australian and New Zealand contact details are available in this brochure.

for product and contact details

B. Braun Softa Man Flyer



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