Written by Dr Margie McEwen

Did you know that we have created a brand new workshop for veterinary nurses and technicians, as well as veterinarians, called Team Approach to Wound Management?

And, why did we do this?

At this stage it feels like there were many ideas at the core of the creation of this workshop, however there was one foundation idea, and it was up and running before I joined VetPrac in February 2020. The inspiration came from my wonderful colleague and new friend, Janine Irwin. She is a graduate of the UQ Vet Tech program, and incredibly passionate about providing hands-on education to bridge the gap between learning and doing for veterinary technicians and nurses.

While I can’t speak for her exact perspective, I have long been an advocate for techs and nurses, and Janine’s philosophy absolutely resonates with mine. With that as the core foundation for this workshop, we looked to a topic that is inclusive and fascinating, and most importantly represents the veterinary care team.

So “Team Approach” was born!

VetPrac has created a workshop that is designed for the Team, and what better subject to cover than wound management? Whether the wound is surgical or traumatic, wounds and their care, and most importantly the care and welfare of the animals and communication with their owners is absolutely a TEAM mission.

This VetPrac workshop: Team Approach to Wound Management, is not only for you, it’s all about you, and all about your team. It is rich with practicals and tutorials for techs, nurses and vets on wound repair, bandaging, suturing, and managing and handling the wounded pet.

We provide this exceptional education immersed in the Team theme, and we provide you with the tools and experience to enhance your team and improve well-being as well as surgical and treatment outcomes. The goal is for you to complete this workshop and arrive back in your practices ready to really embrace the TEAM, and continue with exceptional veterinary care.

Join me, and the amazing VetPrac team, and our superb hands-on educators, for Team Approach to Wound Management, February 5th – 7th, 2021.

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