We came across this groovy practical drill cover and thought you might be interested. Here’s what the company has to say about it..

The Drill Cover System is an orthopedic surgical solution so that sterile surgery can be performed by small and large animal veterinarians.

Key features:
// 100% Sterile
// Excellent Quality
// Reusable
// Economical

The Drill Cover completely envelopes a hardware drill so that it is completely sterile for orthopedic surgery.


Can I use my own drill?

The DrillCover P is compatible with any hex shaped drill bit insert. We optimized that connection to the drill we supply as we chose it specifically based on its speed and torque which are optimal for orthopedic surgery. Testing of our hardware drill also demonstrates equal performance to orthopedic drills.

For more questions read our FAQ section by following this link:

Our story

The Founders of Arbutus Medical were inspired to create a robust, precise, sterile and reusable solution to help increase the access to safe surgery globally. In low resource settings many patients were left with serious ailments after receiving surgery from either unsterile equipment, or unprecise hand drills. Our vision is to help create a future where everyone has access to safe surgery.


In keeping with this Vision, Arbutus Medical, has realized that there is an opportunity to help improve sterility in animal surgery. The DrillCover P is able to provide a complete seal against fluid transmission and allows for 100% worry free surgery. With the help of Veterinarians we hope to realize our vision of providing access to safe surgery for all.

Watch our video here:

drill video450

To learn more and/or request a demo, visit or. The Drill Cover System will also be used in the next orthopedic VetPrac workshop in February!

Kits include one drill, one linen and one chuck and the prices is 950 AUD. Order before 15 December 2016 and receive 15% of your first order. For questions and orders email [email protected]