I’d like to share an amazing customer service experience I had in the lead up to our very first workshop for 2020, Laparoscopy: Principles & Practice.

One of the key features of laparoscopy is being able to insufflate the abdomen with medical grade carbon dioxide (CO2) in order to both visualise abdominal structures and operate within the abdomen. On Friday morning, ahead of the practicals which were commencing on Saturday morning, we discovered that the CO2 supply was not compatible with the equipment we were using for the workshop. Within a very short space of time I realised the full impact of not having CO2 for the laparoscopy workshop; it meant no workshop! We already had people flying in from all over Australia and New Zealand for this workshop, so any thoughts of cancelling or offering a second rate “no abdominal gas” version of laparoscopy was completely out of the question.

So, into action I went!
After searching the web for gas cylinder companies, I started making phone calls. I explained our situation in earnest, to numerous gas companies, and Air Liquide was the only company that heard me and immediately committed to helping me. They began with “yes” answers to all my questions and in the spaces in between they kept asking, “how can we help?”. By close of business on Friday afternoon, they had delivered enough CO2 cylinders to ensure that we would not run out. They had, quite literally, saved the day!

Air Liquide is one of those companies who go above and beyond the call of duty. They pulled their local truck driver back into work after she finished work for the week, so that our precious CO2 cylinders would be delivered. By 4:30pm Friday we were all ready to go!

My very first workshop as Director of VetPrac and our first 2020 workshop, Laparoscopy: Principles to Practice, was a huge success! I thank the whole VetPrac team, including educators, facilitators, volunteers and our training partners, and the can-do attitude of the gas cylinder supply company Air Liquide. Amazing!






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