Interview with Elizabeth Stamatelos

B. Braun
Divisional Manager
Corporate Communications &
Knowledge Management (CC-KM)

B. Braun has been working with VetPrac for approximately four years. The relationship has enabled B. Braun to be more closely connected with Australian universities, clinicians, decision makers, veterinary students and the wider veterinary community. Together, VetPrac and B. Braun’s education arm, Aesculap Academy provide a valuable platform for learning.

Why does B. Braun believe in supporting continued education for veterinarians?

Established in 1995, B. Braun’s Aesculap Academy’s philosophy is to provide “Competence to Master the Future”. B. Braun globally develops and manufactures products in consultation with clinicians and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Higher education and clinical understanding can provide a safer environment for the clinicians and improved patient outcomes. Education translates the benefits of our expertise and products into practical situations.

What are some of the reasons B. Braun enjoys backing VetPrac activities?

VetPrac course programmes and activities are of a standard that promotes participation and continued development. The topics are relative and current and the training, conducted by KOLs, are of a high standard. This also provides us with greater knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by clinicians in the veterinary field.

How can education build profitability in business?

Understanding what not to do is often the best way to learn what to do. The KOLs openly discuss and review their own experiences and situations, both positive and negative, and they encourage the participants to do so for the benefit of the veterinary community, but most importantly to improve the experience for their patients and their owners.

Along with surgical skills what else makes a great vet?

Compassion, people skills and patience.

Why should organisations support and be committed to companies like VetPrac?

Organisations large, medium and small can benefit by developing partnerships and leveraging from the transfer of knowledge and the sharing of our expertise. It is important to work together and have open dialogue to continue to develop knowledge and clinical best practice, provide a safe working environment for clinicians and to improve patient outcomes.

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