Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know about our upcoming Advances in TTA Technique Workshop.

This one day workshop is with the Oss|Ability Wedge System, which reduces the risk of avoidable complications seen using the original TTA technique. We are excited to bring this one day dry-lab workshop to help you update and improve your skills in this procedure to Australia in May 2016.

You will revise :

# Complications associated with commonly applied TPA altering surgeries

You will develop skills in :

# Case discussion on complications with TTA
# Understanding Implants for TTA Quality and Function
# In depth review of approach of technique
# New advances in implant and instrument design
# How New Technology Can make your surgeries better and faster
# To practice adjustments in the TTA method under specialist guidance

If you’d like to come a long and take your TTA skills up a notch click here to learn more!


Dr Ilana Mendels