Did you know most people who attend one VetPrac workshop, attend two? Ever wondered why?

It might be that the workshop content gives them exactly what they need to treat cases in general practice successfully and with confidence.

It might be because they get to spend time with wonderfully kind and supportive specialists who want them to succeed too.

It might be because the other people at the workshop are just like them. Struggling everyday with GP life where you feel like a Jac of all Trades and a Mistress of none, but loving the variety and challenges.

It might be because we manage to immerse ourselves into something and savour it completely for two full days and it feels amazing.

It might be because we all get to escape our lives for a short time and reflect on what we love and want and that feels amazing.

It might be because the food is always delicious.

It might be because the facilitators are always around to help make it easy and fun.

It might be because vets have high expectations and on trying an alternative no other practical skills education provider in Australia has come close to the quality provided when they come to a VetPrac workshop.

It might be because after you do 3-4 procedures, the money is insignificant and the only thing you are left with is a greater opportunity to treat cases better and have successful outcomes, earning accolades for yourself and the hospital you work for and making you more valuable to the community you are a part of.


It might be…. How about you come and see? Check out our 2020 workshops.


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“Educational, practical, friendly, encouraging, very positive experience. Enthusiasm +++ Great theory & practical components. Great lineup of educators & great support staff who made all aspects run smoothly. All involved adapted to make everything work and be delivered as advised – great course with the amount of content covered and took questions as the workshop progressed.”
Dr Lynne Falconer (RSPCA Qld)  – TPLO Surgery Workshop September 2019


“Brian’s instruction is clear, concise and practical. With the lessons from this workshop combined with my background knowledge in orthopedics, I can definitely move forward with confidence in performing TPLOs. Thank you!”
Dr. Waylon Wiseman (Greater Springfield Vets)  – TPLO Surgery Workshop September 2019


“This workshop is a wonderful way to help GPs become more confident with procedures that will allow for better standard of care and level of proficiency.”
Kate Story (Peregian Springs Vet Surgery) – Ophthalmology Workshop February 2018


“This was a well-targeted surgical workshop revising a series of procedures that can be done in general practice. Labs were great and lecture style enjoyable. Food and social events were really well organised, relaxed and made this a special event. Thank you.”
Anon – VetPrac Workshop 2019