There is always a lot of talk around starting a new year, resolutions and plans. Then for most of us by the end of January where have all our plans gone?

I remember starting off in 2019 with a 24hr gym membership and was so excited. My plan, get up early before work and do 45 minutes every day. Then I was sure on the weekend, after the kids were in bed, I could at least go Saturday night. Let’s face it, once you have kids there is not much of a night life 😉

January was awesome – I was doing it! I could feel myself having more energy and vitality lifting weights, doing cardio, leg followed by arm days. Then February arrived. I am pretty sure I was still going strong, perhaps I dropped down to 4 days a week, but hey I was still going.

As the motivation dropped I tried to find it in other places. There were fitness challenges at the gym and calorie burning competitions. That got me through the rest of February and March, then it fell flat on its face! I got sick! It broke my rhythm, motivation, call it what you will.

So back on the metaphorical horse and I found myself cycling through a good run, then not, never quite getting back into the FLOW! There was always something in the way: no time, kids, dogs, work and delivering phenomenal workshops.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well it’s like anything you start. It has got to fit you and your life. Most of the time it is a LOT of TRIAL and ERROR. Tweak it here or there, or change it up completely. Re-evaluate!

Starting something new, I feel, is an opportunity to grow. To see it in a new light and really appreciate what we are capable of. I have since found out that I prefer activities with friends and family so I have someone to push me while enjoying some company. But at least once or twice a week, I do it by myself. Partly for a little piece and quiet, but otherwise to accomplish it on my own and feel proud.

So whatever your plans are for the new year, don’t feel deflated if it morphs into something different. It just might be BETTER than what you NEEDED.

On behalf of the entire VetPrac team, have a safe and happy New Year.

Warm Regards,
Janine Irwin


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