Veterinary Dermatology Workshop

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September 7th - 8th 2024

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University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

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Veterinary Dermatology Workshop
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See skin cases? Grab your cephalexin, topicals and pred. Good to go!

Not so fast.

Derm cases make up a decent chunk of your caseload in GP. By following what you learn in this workshop, you’ll choose the right in-house diagnostics, design great long term treatment plans, recognise warning signs earlier, and enjoy an increase in client compliance.

Sound good?

This course is suitable for all clinical veterinarians who would like to enjoy dermatology and see rewarding results in their patients.

For registered veterinarians only.

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This workshop is for registered veterinarians who want to improve their diagnostic workups for derm cases and get accurate answers in the shortest time possible.

If you feel that you could be more efficient or successful with skin cases, follow your instincts. Skin can be tricky, and clients are renowned for changing vets because they didn’t feel their pet’s skin condition has been adequately managed. Here’s an opportunity for you to increase your own job satisfaction, and the way your clients appreciate you.

Some vets admit to trepidation about skin because it can be difficult to achieve a “cure”. We think that’s actually quite close to the truth: derm is game of management through finesse, and this workshop is going to help you get it. Don’t forget: derm patients are repeat patients. If you want to nurture better client relationships, these pets are the perfect place to start.


Participants in this workshop will be taught by two registered specialists in veterinary dermatology and a shelter veterinarian (because that’s where the wild things are). Our team hails from both Queensland and Victoria. Why is this important? It’s all about the weather. Patients in different climates can suffer from different skin issues, and the weather can play havoc with your treatment success. We’re covering all the bases so you can get relevant training for your region and you can help your current patients straight away.

There are loads of reasons to come to a VetPrac workshop. Read on to see how you’ll benefit, and find the registration portal at the bottom of this page.

Get confident

Do the procedure. Look at your sample. Narrow down your differentials. Get confident & find your diagnosis.

Social network

This is your tribe. Spend time with people who understand what you do each day. Shoot the breeze and enjoy great company.

Great food

You’ll be nourished with healthy food, sweet treats & caffeine, so you can focus on asking great questions & fine-tuning your skills.

Hands on experience

Get the feel for it. You’ll handle diagnostic equipment & actually perform procedures with expert guidance on tap.

Personalised feedback

Get straight answers & feedback on your sampling techniques. Refine your approach with our dedicated teaching staff.

Real world training

Learn in the same way you work. We give you clinical context & full support so things make sense when you get back to the clinic.

Skin happens

When a desperate owner hands you their moist, pruritic, suppurative and itchy pet for a skin consult, the first thing you’ll want is time (or maybe, gloves). These workups require a little extra oomph, and you’ll want a suite of diagnostic tests up your sleeve so you can initiate treatment and provide some relief for everyone.

This course is firmly focused on procedural work. You’ll see demonstrations, learn pro tips and perform diagnostic procedures that will become mainstays of dermatological workups for you in practice. 

We’ll cover limited theory and offer insight into consultation skills and getting your clients on board, but we will always treat your practical skills as a priority. As a participant at our Veterinary Dermatology Workshop, you will perform a variety of procedures in practical sessions and wet labs with the same instruments you’d use in the clinic. This is CPD for the real world.

Derm image 1
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Things that are (actually) useful for you to know
  • How to gain client compliance (or do they just want more little blue pills?)
  • Revisit: check. Now what?
  • Handling tips & sedation for sampling
  • When you can get away without taking samples
  • Which samples are both expensive & useless
  • Deciding which bacterial isolate is causing the pathology
  • Spending your client’s money conscientiously
  • How to get nurses involved
  • BYO case option – get to the bottom of your most complex case/s!
Life hacks for derm
  • Video otoscopy
  • Sample staining like the pros
  • Economical & time savvy test selection
  • Trichograms
  • Skin biopsies for histo & culture
  • Advanced biopsies: nasal planum, lips, footpads, pinnae, eyelids
  • Packaging tips that won’t destroy your sample
  • Yep, that’s a condenser (& other microscope hacks you’re missing)

Workshop Schedule

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Invest $3,500 in your CPD & spend one weekend focused on practical training.


Sample collection, specimen analysis & in-house diagnostic workups.


Improve speed & accuracy in diagnostics plus new services for clients.


Your Educators

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John Hutt

Dr John Hutt

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Qualifications: BVSc (Hons), BA(Hons), MA(CW), CertVD, MANZCVS, DipACVD

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Specialisation: Registered Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

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John is a UQ graduate and a registered specialist in veterinary dermatology. He set up North Kent Referrals in the UK, a multi-disciplinary referral practice in the south of England, which he owned and ran until its sale in 2012.

John’s clinical interests include the management of allergic skin disease in dogs, immune mediated skin disorders, and all aspects of feline and equine dermatology. John has regularly presented on the subject of veterinary dermatology to veterinary surgeons and nurses in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Dr Nicola Martinez Photo 2024

Dr Nicola Martinez

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Qualifications: BVSc DACVD

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Dr Nicola Martinez spent 10 years in first opinion practice before doing an internship and residency in veterinary dermatology. She is now a certified specialist of the American College of Veterinary Dermatologists.

Nicola loves the fast-paced work of veterinary dermatoloy, and the huge variety of interesting cases. Her special interests include the role of the skin barrier, understanding how one aspect of skin disease can influence others, and continuing education for veterinarians.

Dr Tonya Stokes

Dr Tonya Stokes

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Qualifications: BVSc (Hons), BAnimSc, MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine), Grad Cert (Shelter Medicine)

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Tonya's mission is to improve the welfare of animals as well as the veterinarians looking after them. She has held a variety of lead veterinarian roles in general practice, teaching hospital and shelter environments, and has completed extensive volunteer veterinary work all over the globe. Tonya is a true mixed animal veterinarian, having worked with sheep, cattle, horses and small animals at different times in her career. She is invested in helping veterinarians achieve resilience and great clinical practice with the resources at their fingertips.










Your Questions Answered

Are group discounts available?

Absolutely! Work together, learn together, we say. If 3 or more participants register from the same clinic under the same booking, you’ll receive a 5% discount at checkout when you book on our website.

Will I get CPD points and a CPD certificate?

Of course! Each participant will receive a CPD certificate via email. We do this after you’ve provided feedback and the workshop is complete.

What kind of learning materials are included?

Generally, you can choose printed course notes, a digital copy on USB, or both. Everyone gets a printed copy of the procedure guide.

What happens if I pay and then later can’t attend?
  • Transferring or changing registration from one workshop to another will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made up to 45 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course will incur an administrative fee of 50% of the Fee.
  •  Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course are not refundable.

Can I pay in instalments, or do you offer payment plans?

Yes! At VetPrac we are pleased to offer payment plans for our online courses and workshops. We want to make it manageable for you to invest in your professional development.

For more information regarding our payment plans, please do not hesitate to contact Ros at [email protected].

What happens if the workshop is cancelled?

If VetPrac cancels any workshops, we will refund your course fees in full. However, VetPrac will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred by you.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call 0491943260

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call +61 491 943 260