Introduction to Orthopaedics

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May 17th - 19th 2024

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University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

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CPD value: New South Wales: 22.5
All other states: 15


This weekend workshop is the ideal practical companion to our wildly popular online course, Fixing Fractures On Demand.

If you’re ready to pick up the drill and repair your first fractures, this two-day entry-level orthopaedics course is exactly what you need. Start your orthopaedic development the right way, from handling equipment to full procedural guidance and into postoperative care.

This course is available to any registered veterinarian who is inspired to start orthopaedics. Everyone is welcome from general practice, referral hospitals, internship programs and emergency clinics.

No orthopaedic experience is necessary.


This workshop has been designed for registered veterinarians who don’t have experience with orthopaedic surgery, but who are interested in developing their orthopaedic skills with expert tuition from the very beginning.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to build strong foundations, or an experienced soft tissue surgeon ready to branch out into orthopaedics, this workshop will step you through the equipment, planning, approaches and procedures with emphasis on practical learning. No experience is necessary, and we welcome all vets even if you don’t have a surgical mentor in your practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get started in orthopaedics with the right kind of support. You’ll love meeting our kind and experienced teaching staff, and you’ll enjoy the relaxed and capable atmosphere of our workshops.


Get confident

Get equipped with the theory and skills you need to start your journey towards orthopaedic services.

Social network

This is your tribe. Spend some quality time with people who understand what you do each day.

Great food

We’ll make sure you’re nourished with healthy food, sweet treats & caffeine, so you can get on with learning new skills.

Hands on experience

It’s all about time on the tools. We prioritise your surgical practice so you have time to see the skills & do the skills with specialist guidance. 

Personalised feedback

Get real-time feedback on your surgical technique & refine your approach. Start with good habits, & build your skills with time.

Real-world training

Learn in the same way you work. We give you clinical context & full support so things make sense when you get back to the clinic.


You will perform your own procedures

  • Compression plate repair of a transverse radial fracture
  • Independent lag screw & neutralisation plate repair – oblique tibial fracture
  • K-wire and tension band for tibial tuberosity advancement
  • Plate/rod repair – comminuted femoral fracture
  • Lag screw & buttress plate repair – lateral humeral condylar fracture

Take this opportunity

Join VetPrac and our group of brilliant, personable educators for a fully-catered weekend of fracture management. You’ll review cases, interpret radiographs, plan repairs and handle a range of orthopaedic equipment and implants. The best part? After interactive demonstrations, every participant will get to fix fractures in this workshop.

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website image fracture

Your practical skills take priority


Introductory topics
  • How bone behaves during damage and repair
  • How to identify risk factors for healing
  • How to select appropriate hardware
  • When to reconstruct and when to bridge
Practical sessions
  • Selecting appropriate orthopaedic hardware & implants
  • Handling & operation of orthopaedic instruments
  • Gentle tissue handling for fracture repair
  • Fracture alignment & fixation
  • Placing orthopaedic implants
  • Surgical closure

Workshop Schedule

Schedule Introduction to Orthopaedis 2024 Workshop 1



$3,400 CPD investment & one weekend of hands-on training


Invaluable learning opportunity with personalised feedback


Start your journey towards orthopaedic services in your clinic

Your Educators

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Brenton Chambers 1

Dr Brenton Chambers

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Qualifications: BVSc(Hons), MVSc, FANZCVS Small Animal Surgery

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Dr Chambers graduated in 1994 from the University of Queensland, and spent his early career in general and emergency practice. He became a registered specialist in Small Animal Surgery in 2013. Brenton works in specialist referral practice at the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency (CARE) in Melbourne, with a special interest in minimally invasive surgery. Brenton is an experienced educator and says the fine nuance of surgical procedures are learned from doing and watching others. He reminds all vets to keep in touch and support each other.

Dr Jullian

Dr Julian Lunn

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Qualifications: BVSc, MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery and Small Animal Medicine), MVetClinStud (Neurology)

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Julian has worked at Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) in Qld and Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (AREC) in NSW. He has also been a clinician and teacher at the University of Sydney, James Cook University and the University of Queensland.

He has memberships in both small animal medicine and small animal surgery and completed his surgical residency in 2007 with time at Murdoch University and Colorado State University. He also has a Masters of Veterinary Clinical Studies.

Julian has experience in all areas of surgery from cardiothoracic, oncology and vascular to orthopaedic, neurological and trauma. He is a passionate teacher and is keen to share real-world surgery with both undergraduate students and postgraduate veterinary surgeons.

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Dr Sue

Dr Sue Gibbons

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Qualifications: BVSc, MANZCVS, FANZCVS

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Sue obtained her Fellowship in Small Animal Surgery in 2006, and is a registered specialist in Australia. Since 2007, she has operated a mobile specialist orthopaedic service in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

In addition to clinical work, Sue has lectured, tutored, mentored and examined both under-graduate and post-graduate veterinarians, and is a regular contributor to continuing professional development courses in Australia. Her areas of interest include orthopaedics and arthroscopy.

Dr Waylon Wiseman

Dr Waylon Wiseman

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Qualifications: BSc(Hons), DVM, MANZCVS

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Dr Wiseman completed his veterinary studies at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada then spent the next five years in general and emergency practices around Australia.

Waylon is now preparing for board examination through the European College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2024. While he is experienced in all aspects of surgery, Waylon prefers the challenge of orthopaedics including joint surgery and fracture repair.

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Your Questions Answered

Are group discounts available?

Absolutely! Work together, learn together, we say. If 3 or more participants register from the same clinic under the same booking, you’ll receive a 5% discount at checkout when you book on our website.

Will I get CPD points and a CPD certificate?

Of course! Each participant will receive a CPD certificate via email. We do this after you’ve provided feedback and the workshop is complete.

What kind of learning materials are included?

Generally, you can choose printed course notes, a digital copy on USB, or both. Everyone gets a printed copy of the procedure guide.

What happens if I pay and then later can’t attend?
  • Transferring or changing registration from one workshop to another will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made up to 45 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course will incur an administrative fee of 50% of the Fee.
  •  Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course are not refundable.

Can I pay in instalments, or do you offer payment plans?

Yes! At VetPrac we are pleased to offer payment plans for our online courses and workshops. We want to make it manageable for you to invest in your professional development.

For more information regarding our payment plans, please do not hesitate to contact Ros at [email protected].

What happens if the workshop is cancelled?

If VetPrac cancels any workshops, we will refund your course fees in full. However, VetPrac will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred by you.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call +61 491 943 260