Small Breed & Feline Fracture Repairs

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October 21st - 22nd 2023

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University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

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CPD value: NSW: 26.5 pts
Other states: 16 pts


For vets:

How do you approach a distal radial fracture repair in a toy breed? What about pelvic trauma in cats or dogs? The answers are right here, in a CPD course designed and delivered by specialist surgeons who are excited for your future success. This workshop is for veterinarians who regularly perform basic orthopaedic surgeries and are comfortable handling orthopaedic equipment and implants. This is an ideal step to move your orthopaedic surgery skills to the next level.

For nurses & techs:

Could you gown and glove in front of an audience, and are you willing to perform duties as a scrubbed-in surgical assistant? Are you using pain scales and multimodal analgesia? This workshop has its own dedicated nurse and technician stream, with relevant, interesting hands-on sessions and plenty of opportunity to use and develop your clinical skills.

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Each registered veterinarian brings a veterinary nurse or technician at no additional cost

Intermediate orthopaedics in clinical practice

  • Exceptional opportunity to progress your skills
  • Built-in personalised feedback
  • Specialist guidance for more complex orthopaedic repairs
  • Perioperative care & case management focus
  • Collaborative approach for the whole veterinary care team

Your practical skills take priority

A VetPrac workshop will always put hands-on skills first. Veterinarians at our Small Breed & Feline Fracture Repairs workshop practice a range of more advanced orthopaedic procedures under the leadership of veterinary surgical specialists. Nurses and technicians practice surgical scrubbing and the role of surgical assistant, along with patient preparation, anaesthesia and recovery, including a multi-parameter simulator session. When we say hands-on, we mean it.







Theory for practice
  • Plating systems for toy breeds & cats
  • Forelimb fractures in small breeds
  • vPOP-Pro digital planning software
  • Pelvic trauma in cats & dogs
  • Surgical techniques for pelvic repair
Practical skills sessions
  • Distal radial fracture repair
  • Humeral condyle fracture repair
  • Ilial body fracture repair
  • Femoral head ostectomy
  • Distal femoral fracture repair

Nurses & technicians

Theory for practice
  • Scrubbing in to surgery
  • Anaesthesia for orthopaedic cases
  • Individual pain assessments
  • The role of multimodal analgesia
  • Veterinary teamwork & collaboration
Practical skills sessions
  • Surgical preparation
  • Aseptic techniques
  • Pain scoring
  • Perioperative pain relief
  • Scrubbed-in surgical assistant duties

Workshop Schedule

Small breed feline fracture workshop dual stream Final

A VetPrac workshop has tangible benefits


Weekend workshop for a vet & nurse team with a $3,650 CPD investment


Invaluable hands-on learning for the whole veterinary care team


Extend existing orthopaedic skills & build future clinical services

Your Educators

Lead educators

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Dr Chris Tan

Dr Chris Tan

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Qualifications: BVSc BSc (vet) PhD FANZCVS Diplomate ECVS (small animal surgery)

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Chris is specialist in small animal surgery and hospital director of SASH Alexandria, in Sydney. He is a postgraduate research fellow at the Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratories at the University of NSW, and holds an academic appointment within the veterinary school at the university of Sydney. In 2020, he established My Surgical Coach, a surgical coaching and mentoring service that sees him travel to first opinion practices to provide one on one surgical training and in 2023 was named the ASAV practitioner of the year.

Lucas Beierer Photo

Dr Lucas Beierer

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Qualifications: BVSc GradDipEd MVetSurg DACVS-SA

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Lucas is a Director at Queensland Veterinary Specialists, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, and an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Orthopaedics. He is certified to perform total hip replacements and has extensive experience in minimally invasive traumatology. Lucas is active faculty with AOVET and serves on the Asia Pacific Board.

Lucas has an easygoing teaching style and is an experienced educator. One of his goals is to share the technical aspects of surgery which improve safety and efficacy in the general practice setting.


Rhonda Ponder

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Qualifications: RVN, AVN, DipVN(GP), DipVN(Surgery)

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Rhonda is the 2023 VNCA Veterinary Nurse/Technician of the year and has worked in the veterinary industry for 18 years. She has a certificate IV in vet nursing and not one, but two nursing diplomas. Rhonda was one of the first nurses in Australia to become an AVNAT Registered Veterinary Nurse, and she is passionate about gold standard veterinary care. She is a firm believer that there is always something new to learn in this industry, and actively seeks that new knowledge whenever she can.

Supporting tutors

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Dr Penny Tisdall

Dr Penny Tisdall

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Qualifications: BSc(Vet) BVSc MVetClinStuds FANZCVS

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Specialisation: Small Animal Surgery

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Dr Penny Tisdall is a Fellow of the Australian and NZ college of Veterinary Scientists (FANZCVS) and registered specialist in small animal surgery. She has contributed to over 30 published papers on various aspects of surgery.

Penny has teaching experience from undergraduate surgery in the Adelaide DVM course and in postgraduate education to vets and nurses. She has played an active role in the ANZCVS in the surgery chapter examination committee.

Penny is the proud owner of 2 very badly behaved Curly Coated Retrievers and 2 Devon Rex cats, and her professional interests include soft tissue surgery, oncologic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedics.

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Dr Margie McEwen

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Qualifications: BVSc DACVAA MANZCVS

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Specialisation: Board certified anaesthesiologist

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Margie is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Many vets and nurses will agree that Margie’s warmth and her willingness to share her clinical and academic experience have been instrumental in their careers. Margie maintains, however, that it was her years in private practice rather than her academic accolades which keep her tuned in to the reality of veterinary medicine. Margie continues to teach anaesthesia and analgesia into VetPrac’s hands-on workshops and online courses, as she continues her mission for lifelong learning.

Debra Laws Photo 2023 scaled

Debra Laws

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Qualifications: Dip in Animal Technology, Cert IV Veterinary Nursing (RVN), AFHEA, Elite Fear Free Cert, Cert IV TAE, Cert III Laboratory Animal Care, Cert in Large Animal Production

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Debra’s career in animal care and veterinary nursing has extended over 35 years.

Deb’s most recent roles have been in a supervisory and teaching capacity at the University of Queensland in the School of Veterinary Science, with students from both the Veterinary Technology and the Veterinary Science degrees all passing through her calm and capable hands at some point.

Deb is very active within the vet nursing professional development field, and is keen to help progress the recognition of veterinary technology as a profession. Deb is the VNCA CPD committee chairperson, and the Queensland VNCA representative to the NIAC.

Cindy Grew 2021

Cindy Grew

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Qualifications: Cert IV Vet Nurse, Cert IV TAE

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Cindy is the Marketing & Education Coordinator at VetCare B. Braun Pty Ltd Australia and New Zealand, and is a practicing veterinary nurse with ten years of experience. Previously, she has managed three veterinary hospitals, one of which was a 24-hour emergency clinic.

Within her role at B. Braun, Cindy coordinates workshops, onsite and online training, and engagement with vets and vet nurses.

One of Cindy’s passions is caring for our Australian native wildlife. It was this passion which drove her to become a wildlife carer with WIRES, and head up the wildlife treatment division within the clinic. Cindy’s passion is sharing current skills and techniques with veterinary professionals, and helping them achieve their potential.

Anita P 2023

Anita Parkin

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Qualifications: RVN, AVN, Dip (Surgery & ECC), VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia), CVPP, TAE

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Anita has been a veterinary nurse for nearly 30 years in both GP and specialist practice as a medical and surgical nurse. For the last 10 years, Anita has specialised as a surgical nurse and followed her passion for anaesthesia and pain management. Anita currently manages the VSS Jindalee practice.

Anita has a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing, Diploma in Surgery and ECC, is VNCA-registered, a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner (CVPP) through the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM). Anita is also a Veterinary Technician Specialty in Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

Anita’s special interests include critical care, challenging anaesthetics, pain management, surgical nursing and practice management.

What our participants say…

“This was a well-targeted surgical workshop revising a series of procedures that can be done in general practice. Labs were great and lecture style enjoyable. Food and social events were really well organised, relaxed and made this a special event. Thank you.”


“Freakin brilliant. Even though I had done most of the procedures the amount of tips and tricks I got from the amazing instructors was invaluable.”

Dr Candice Loft

“These courses continue to exceed my expectations. They are simply awesome! The ratio of tutors to participants is perfect with friendly, practical, helpful, knowledgeable and great tutors. The facilitators are fantastic & the local interaction and environment is great.”

Dr Malcolm Anderson

“This workshop was the most amazing CE I have attended. The people there and the knowledge presented just blew my mind! The prac sessions were great and very hands-on, which made learning for me so much easier.”

Dr Alanna Harth

Your Questions Answered

Are group discounts available?

Absolutely! Work together, learn together, we say. If 3 or more participants register from the same clinic under the same booking, you’ll receive a 5% discount at checkout when you book on our website.

Will I get CPD points and a CPD certificate?

Of course! Each participant will receive a CPD certificate via email. We do this after you’ve provided feedback and the workshop is complete.

What kind of learning materials are included?

Generally, you can choose printed course notes, a digital copy on USB, or both. Everyone gets a digital copy of the procedure guide.

What happens if I pay and then later can’t attend?

See the terms and conditions tab on our website for full details. In a nutshell, refunds are provided for cancellations made in writing up to 45 days prior to the workshop. Cancellations made inside 45 days incur a 30% administration fee, and cancellations made inside 7 days before a workshop are not refundable.

Can I pay in instalments, or do you offer payment plans?

We understand that sometimes, things happen. If you’re experiencing financial strain but you need to complete some continuing education, please email us at [email protected] for a confidential discussion.

What happens if the workshop is cancelled?

If VetPrac cancels any workshops, we will refund your course fees in full. However, VetPrac will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred by you.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call 0491943260

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.
Call +61 491 943 260



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