Anaesthesia Masterclass for Nurses & Techs

July 13th 2024

University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

CPD points: 10.5 AVNAT points


One day workshop

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Veterinary nurses & technicians only.

To progress in veterinary nursing, you want to trust your education team. Led by Anesthesiologist Dr Margie McEwen, this team of experienced and highly-qualified nurse and tech educators are ready to help you grow your clinical career with new skills in anaesthesia.

Personalised tuition is available for all participants. You’ll develop real world skills as you train in the technical side of perioperative care, anaesthesia, and analgesia.


This workshop has been designed for nurses and techs who play an active clinical role in veterinary practice, and for those looking to update their practical skills.

If you’re a visual learner or you learn best when you’re actively involved in a skill, this workshop is the perfect place to grow your career in a way that will make a difference from your very next shift.

There’s something else. We know that nurses and techs are a diverse group of veterinary professionals with a range of qualifications and experience. It doesn’t matter what your background is: all practical sessions will be tailored so that certificate II, III and IV nurses and veterinary technicians will all benefit, as well as nurses who don’t have formal qualifications. We’ll customise the workshop so you can build on what you already know. You’re in control: bring your questions, bring an open mind, and we’ll bring the rest.


Get confident

Build on what you know, so you’re ready to tackle new challenges in veterinary anaesthesia.

Social network

This is your tribe. Spend some quality time with people who understand what you do each day.

Great food

You’ll be nourished with healthy food, sweet treats & caffeine, so you can get on with learning new skills.

Hands on experience

It’s all about time on the tools. We prioritise your opportunities to learn & refine your skills with expert guidance on tap.

Personalised feedback

Get feedback on your technique & refine your approach throughout the workshop. Use this opportunity because good habits start here.

Real-world training

Learn in the same way you work. We give you clinical context & full support so things make sense when you get back to the clinic.


Clinical skills for nurses & techs

This masterclass is built around three core areas:

  1. Calculations, dilutions & CRIs
  2. Breathing systems setup
  3. Anaesthesia monitoring.

These are vital skills that you can use each day, whether you work in general practice, referral practice, or emergency. Our goal is to offer you this opportunity to expand on your existing experience and help you see how all the aspects of perioperative care fit together.

We prioritise time on the tools

This workshop is where you get to handle, assemble, test and troubleshoot veterinary anaesthesia equipment with a whole team of clinical educators available to you. You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and gather practical skills to take back to your clinic. We’ve hand picked the skills that should be useful to you and your patients, straight away.

We answer the questions that really matter

  • Why should I calculate a gas flow rate for every patient?
  • Should a 20kg patient automatically get a 2L reservoir bag?
  • How exactly does oxygen flow through the machine & into the patient?
  • How often should you change the soda lime?
  • What do you do when when the system leaks, or there is a problem with your preanaesthetic checks?
  • What precise effects do anaesthetic & analgesic drugs have on your patient?
  • When should you react & when should you observe during an anaesthetic?

Feel supported

In our simulated anaesthesia session, we’ll manage a real life case in slow motion, with room for discussion and troubleshooting. You’ll have time to think about solutions, action them, and review the outcome without the pressure of a live patient on the table.

At the end of this masterclass, you’ll take home a much better understanding of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs. They’re much more than just a volume of a substance in a syringe. You’ll have calculated drug doses and worked out treatment volumes in a practical way so that you can do it all again when you’re back at work. You’ll also know more about drug effects, and the reasons why we use or avoid certain agents for small animal anaesthesia.

This masterclass gives you the perspective you need to develop tailored anaesthetic plans and use your skills and experience to make patient care the ultimate priority.


patella luxation workshop photos
Breathing systems & anaesthesia machines
  • Non-rebreathing versus rebreathing systems
    • Choosing a circuit
    • Setting up the machine
    • Using patient-specific oxygen flow rates

Calculations & dilutions

  • Drug dosage, dose rate & concentration
    • Calculating doses, volumes & rates for fluid bags
    • Calculating doses, volumes & rates for fluid pumps
    • Using syringe drivers & special infusions
Simulated anaesthesia practical
  • Identifying changes in patient physiology
  • Troubleshooting & investigating issues
  • Choosing evidence-based interventions
  • Justifying & making appropriate decisions
  • Keeping patient welfare in focus
  • Advocating for your patient
  • Watching the impact of your actions in real time

Workshop Schedule

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Your Educators


Dr Margie McEwen

Qualifications: BVSc DACVAA MANZCVS

Specialisation: Board certified anaesthesiologist

Margie is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Many vets and nurses will agree that Margie’s warmth and her willingness to share her clinical and academic experience have been instrumental in their careers. Margie maintains, however, that it was her years in private practice rather than her academic accolades which keep her tuned in to the reality of veterinary medicine. Margie continues to teach anaesthesia and analgesia into VetPrac’s hands-on workshops and online courses, as she continues her mission for lifelong learning.

Anita Parkin 2

Anita Parkin

Qualifications: RVN, AVN, Dip (Surgery & ECC), VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia), CVPP, TAE

Anita has been a veterinary nurse for over 30 years, with 10 years in GP and 20 in referral nursing and nurse management.

Anita has a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing as well as a Diploma in Surgery and ECC, and she is also VNCA Accredited Vet Nurse and a Registered Vet Nurse. She is also an IVAPM Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner and an AVTAA Veterinary Technician Specialist in Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

Vet Tech Aus

What our participants say…

“Margie was very friendly and her knowledge on the subject blew me away. Thank you for sharing this with us. An excellent course which further helped me understand anaesthesia and pain management.”

Anna Dalton

“I recently participated in an online short course for analgesia and anaesthesia and I found that course so informative and jam-packed with, not only academic/anecdotal knowledge but also, Margie’s practical experiences and things she’s done that have and haven’t worked in the past. I can’t wait to study another course with VetPrac in the future.”

Keiran Hall

“I was lucky enough to have my boss sign me up for the VetPrac course with Dr Margie McEwen – Principles & practice of anaesthesia & pain management – I am very grateful to Margie & the team for being so thorough & welcoming! Highly recommend.”

Lauren House

“Margie and the Team at VetPrac are always engaging, helpful, funny and informative. Their attention to detail in developing and facilitating A+++ courses that are both relevant, informative and immediately actionable when you return to work is commendable.”

Brendan Sinnott



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Your Questions Answered

Are group discounts available?

Absolutely! Work together, learn together, we say. If 3 or more participants register from the same clinic under the same booking, you’ll receive a 5% discount at checkout when you book on our website.

Will I get CPD points and a CPD certificate?

Of course! Each participant will receive a CPD certificate via email. We do this after you’ve provided feedback and the workshop is complete.

What kind of learning materials are included?

Generally, you can choose printed course notes, a digital copy on USB, or both. Everyone gets a printed copy of the procedure guide.

What happens if I pay and then later can’t attend?
  • Transferring or changing registration from one workshop to another will incur a $50 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made up to 45 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course will incur an administrative fee of 50% of the Fee.
  • Cancellations made up to 7 days prior to the commencement date of the Training Course are not refundable.

Can I pay in instalments, or do you offer payment plans?

Yes! At VetPrac we are pleased to offer payment plans for our online courses and workshops. We want to make it manageable for you to invest in your professional development.

For more information regarding our payment plans, please do not hesitate to contact Ros at [email protected].

What happens if the workshop is cancelled?

If VetPrac cancels any workshops, we will refund your course fees in full. However, VetPrac will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred by you.

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