Dr Stephen Fearnside on Treating Open Wounds with B-Braun’s Prontosan


Dr Steve Fearnside

BVSc(Hons) FANZCVSc (Surgery)

Small Animal Surgeon and recent VetPrac Education Leader at the sold out Wound Management Workshop!

We asked veterinary specialist Dr Stephen Fearnside his thoughts on treating open wounds and using Prontosan, Wound Irrigation Solution by B-Braun. Here’s what he had to say!

Prontosan is important to veterinary medicine: it’s “useful for open wounds as wound lavage solution; it’s particularly useful for chronic open wounds with biofilm infection/ exudate.”

He’d learned about Prontosan from a B-Braun representative while in clinical practice for open wounds, he now uses it “weekly.”

Why does he use it?

“Convenient, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. It’s a useful off the shelf product”

Practical Surgical Tips:

“Be careful wound debridement, appropriate open wound management using appropriate moisture retentive dressings, lavage solutions, timed closure or reconstruction.”

Why VetPrac Loves the Practical Product Prontosan:

“Only a clean wound can heal.” It’s gentle and patient friendly, with an easy 10-15 minute rinse, the surfactant (Betaine) removes debris within the wound.  It lasts up to eight weeks after opening, reduces chronicle inflammation, and absorbs wound odours.

Have questions about wound management? You can contact Dr Stephen Fearnside at SASH Vets (02) 98890289 or at [email protected]

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