Ask a veterinarian why they chose their profession, and you can guarantee that the answer will not be “I’m doing it for the money”. Yes, being a veterinarian can be a well-paid profession — in particular if you run your own practice — however this is never a driving reason why people choose this career path. Simply put, there are easier and less stressful ways to earn a good living, if wealth is your driving force.

So, why do people choose to become vets?

A love of animals

This is probably a little obvious, but it’s a reason that cannot be overlooked. Many people become vets because they love animals and can’t imagine spending their days doing anything other than being around them. 

A desire to make the world a better place for animals

More than just a love of animals, many vets enter the profession because they want to contribute to making the world a better place for animals. This isn’t just applicable to vets assisting injured wildlife or stray animals; the average clinical vet can also contribute to improving the welfare of pets not only through their expert care, but also just as importantly through the education of pet owners.

The love of a challenge

As a vet, every day is different and no two cases are the same. Often faced with scenarios that require a bit of lateral thinking and problem solving, it’s certainly a job that attracts those who love a challenge.

Helping humans

Believe it or not, working as a vet often means that you’re not just helping animals but also inadvertently helping their human counterparts as well — so if helping people is one of the things that motivates you, becoming a vet could be a good career path. Whether it’s bringing them joy through restoring the health of their best friend or assisting them to become a better pet owner, vets really do help their human clients too.

Broad horizons

One of the great things about becoming a vet is that their skills are in need around the globe in a broad range of settings, whether it be caring for wildlife, working in a clinic, hitting the road as a rural large animal vet, overseeing the veterinary aspects of quarantine and export/import, or even working in research.

There is always demand

Humans will have pets, livestock and a love of native fauna for the foreseeable future, so the care of these animals is always something that is going to be in demand. It’s not a job that can be replaced by automation or carried out by those without the necessary training, and as such it’s a secure career option.

You never stop learning

As a vet, one thing you will never be is bored! In the field of veterinary science, there is always new research to absorb, new skills to acquire and new technology to master. Learning and growing is an important part of job satisfaction in any role, and there is plenty of room to do both as vet. Here at VetPrac, we offer a range of courses and workshops to vets; you can view the current offerings here.