Dr Soo Kuan
Dr Soo Kuan

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Qualifications: BVSC FANZCVS

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Specialisation: Surgery

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Dr Soo Kuan is a Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, who passed her Fellowship examinations with the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 2013. She works at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital, where she has been working since 2011.
Soo completed a residency in Small Animal Surgery at the University of Sydney under Professor Geraldine Hunt. As a result of her training bias, Soo is particularly interested in soft tissue surgery, especially airway surgery, portosystemic shunt surgery, reconstructive surgery, and oncologic surgery.

Soo spends her time out of work shuttling her children to their 600 classes and activities, and cleaning up after her 2 dogs and 4 hens. She is particularly fond of her "broken" Golden Retriever, which she adopted as a puppy with one working heart valve (mitral valve). She occasionally has free time to herself, between the hours of 2am and 4am.

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