Dr Alex Young

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Qualifications: BVSc(Hons I) DACVR

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Specialisation: Radiologist

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Dr. Alex Young commenced her outstanding career as a General Equine Intern at Agnes Banks Equine Clinic in Sydney before relocating to Gloucestershire in the UK for a year prior to returning. In 2010, Dr. Young commenced as a Resident in Radiology at the University of California, Davis USA to hone her skills as a lameness diagnostician before completing her specialisation in Large Animal Ultrasound at Davis. Dr. Young is now a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Queensland.

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Presented at:
• American College of Veterinary Radiology, Annual Meeting 2011
– Clinical Paper Abstract
• UC Davis House Officer Seminar Day 2011

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Presented at:
• American Association of Equine Practitioners 2010
– Clinical Paper Abstract
• American College of Veterinary Radiology, Annual Meeting 2010
– Clinical Paper Abstract
• Equine Veterinarians Australia, Annual Bain Fallon Conference 2010
– Clinical Paper Abstract
AWARDED: EVA Norman Larkin Prize for Best Clinical Paper Abstract
• UC Davis House Officer Seminar Day 2010
– Clinical Paper Abstract

Acute lameness associated with peri-renal carcinoma in a horse. Young AC, Hoffman KL, Begg AP, Major DA. Australian Veterinary Journal 2010 Vol 88 (9): pg346-350

Presented at:
• Equine Veterinarians Australia, Annual Bain Fallon Conference 2008
– Clinical Paper Abstract