Well we are off and zooming with our first “Learn with Margie” Zoom Rounds last night!

We had an excellent turnout with a diverse group of veterinarians, technicians and nurses from Australia and New Zealand, with incredible knowledge and experience. There were excellent questions posed and lots of robust discussion which included evidence from the literature as well as the benefit of experience. I was impressed with the group’s engagement and willingness to contribute to the discussion.

What I learned! That zoom participants, including me 😉, should mute their microphones when someone else is talking!! We would have all heard everything much better. I also learned that I have muting and unmuting powers as the host! With Zoom there was a natural lag in speaking and hearing, plus the time to mute/un-mute ourselves and the active “chat feed” running off to the side with energised conversation, meant my multi-tasking skills were really put to the test. Ultimately what I learned is that it’s Ok to go a bit slower, and it’s good for me! I really appreciate this and will learn to manage a space that isn’t quite as responsive as face-to-face small group discussion, and under the circumstances is a really good thing and allows us to share our experience.

Slowing down and smelling the roses has been one very positive thing for me during this isolation time. In a time and space when it feels like there is very little that is positive to dwell on, I will take the small things and appreciate them.

Back to our Zoom Rounds last night!

I think this medium lends itself to topics for discussion with a short PowerPoint out front, followed by a clinical case discussion where people can share ideas and experiences and knowledge. Again, this would be ideal for bringing cases associated with the topic to the table for discussion in a safe space.

And I am very excited to plan this and provide notes ahead of the Zoom rounds, for us to reference and apply the evidence. We are already onto planning next week’s Zoom rounds focusing on the Geriatric Anaesthesia. So, keep an eye open for when registrations open.

I was thrilled that so many veterinary technicians and nurses joined the discussion and their contribution was impressive too. We are hatching ideas and plans for technician and nurse continuing education all the time, because you are integral part of the clinical team and it is so good to work with you.

Signing off, I’m Margie McEwen and I am passionate about being on a journey of Lifelong Learning and I would love you to join me!


Registrations are open for the next Zoom Round on Wednesday 8th April.
Places are limited so click here to reserve your place