Dear Colleagues,

I just had the most invigorating week!

For a change, I was the one in the learning seat at the Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation VetPrac Workshop.

Having graduated 15 years ago and been out of practice for two while moving home, having a baby and managing the business I was surprised by how much I remembered! The content of the Rehabilitation Workshop I went to was very different to how we learned at university and the way all the information was consolidated and able to be put into context for clinical practice got me excited. I actually felt like I could go back into a clinic and be useful to the employer and help their business grow as a result of my extra training.

You might be thinking, I’m just saying this, after all it’s my business – why wouldn’t I say it was good? Most people know we are usually our biggest critics! That’s true for me, for sure! But this year, VetPrac has a superb team of facilitators on board who are even better at organising than I am!!! I am so proud of the people who work with me every day building these workshops for our community. It was a pleasure to be on the receiving end of it for a change.




Also, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure of my faith in myself as a clinician. I was a little scared. Like so many of us, I have that little subconscious driver telling me I might not be good enough or have the memory or the skill to absorb and use the content on offer was whispering in my ear in the lead up to the workshop. In retrospect I can laugh, because the VetPrac workshops were actually always designed for vets like you and me. People who want to do a good job, and don’t want to do it for the first time on a patient after reading it in a book or on the web.

Take for example, the Perineal and Urogenital Surgery Workshop. This is a splendid mix of soft tissue surgery skills with a focus on the Caudal aspect of the body. In it we get to practice fine tissue dissections, muscular flaps, advanced suture techniques, work with mesh, organ surgeries, biopsies, anastomosis procedures and more! So many people have commented that these are soft tissue skills that can alleviate the struggle we face when presented with challenging cases.

If you haven’t organised your CPD for this year yet – check out the schedule HERE. This workshop ran for the first time in 2010 and has been improved on year after year to make it ever more interesting and relevant for our general practice environments. To register click HERE or to ask us more about any of our workshops please email or call us at your leisure. Don’t wait and don’t miss out!

Warm Regards,