Last time we featured Dr Tania Banks in our VetPrac blog she was about to relocate from UQ in Gatton to CSU in Wagga Wagga, rural NSW. Let’s hear from Tania about how life and work have changed since the move.

You were looking forward to living close to the gym and being able to ride your bike to work. What other aspects of life in Wagga Wagga are you enjoying?

I haven’t ridden my bike to work yet! BUT I do ride it on weekends sometimes and it’s really nice having the local mountain Pomingalarna to ride around. It’s very nice not having to look for a car park, and I haven’t had to pay to park my car anywhere since moving to Wagga which is a nice change. I also love walking my dog and take her to the botanic gardens a lot. They are beautiful gardens and she loves going there.

Is the demographic of the veterinary students at CSU different compared with UQ?

Yes, there are more male students which I think is a good thing. The students are very practically capable rural types.

Is there a significantly different surgical case mix at CSU compared with UQ Gatton?

Yes, we see lots of grass seed foreign body cases which can be very interesting and challenging. Also, a lot of working dog injuries- kicked by a cow, fell off a ute, that sort of thing.

Please share with us an interesting feline surgical case you’ve had recently at CSU.

We had a primary peritonitis in a cat that grew Actinomyces spp. and is going well post-op. No source for the peritonitis was found, and treatment was abdominal lavage, biopsies, and closure. Interesting case. Also, they see heaps of snake bite cats here, and they generally do really well.

Are you working on any research projects at the moment?

No, I am on full-time clinics at the moment.

If you’d like to experience the beautiful gardens and the laid back atmosphere of Wagga Wagga, as well as learn more about abdominal surgery from the very talented and approachable educator and surgeon Dr Tania Banks, why not register for the Practical Skills Workshop p at CSU on November 8-10th, 2018. For more information check out the brochure here.

Written by Alison Caiafa