Dear Colleagues

I wanted to take you behind the scenes of a VetPrac workshop, so I can give you an idea of what it’s really like!

VetPrac workshops are known for being boutique, hands on and social. Delicious dinners – plus our awesome cupcakes AND the occasional massage, make them really special!

Take a look at some of the images below:-

Hands on experience!

Surgical Wound Management class of 2014 – learning from the best!

Time to sit back (or forward) and relax! We spoil our vets and thank them for all the great work they do!

The famous VetPrac cupcakes – delicious! 

Celebrating a fantastic day with a beautiful dinner at a hand picked restaurant.

As you can see a lot of work goes into planning and organising our workshops. We get up each morning make your experience great.

If you’d like to book at place at our Surgical Wound Management Workshop so you can be there for yourself and learn from the best click here >>

Or if you’d like to chat with me further about any of our upcoming workshops you can book a discovery session with me by clicking here  >>

As you can tell I’m really passionate about this workshop and I’d love to see you there.


Dr Ilana Mendels